Youth Director Open Position

Covenant United Methodist Church

Job Description for Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Date:  June 30, 2020

1.    Job Title:  Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

2.    Job Location

Covenant United Methodist Church 

10001 Coldwater Road

Fort Wayne, IN  46825

3.    Reporting Structure

This position reports directly to the Senior Pastor.

4.    Job Purpose Summary

The main purpose of this position is to create a youth and young adult ministry where lives are transformed by the grace of God and the exploration of faith is achieved through a variety of ways.  This includes:

  1. Oversee the youth and young adult ministries programs of the church.  
  2. Plan and coordinate with students, parents, and lay volunteers to create and maintain the youth programs of the church under the direction of the senior pastor.  
  3. Work with the young adult community to create and maintain a young adult ministry under the direction of the senior pastor. 
  4. Work with the administrative staff to make sure the programs mesh as required with the overall direction of ministry programs of church.

5.    Work Schedule

This is a full-time salaried position working 40 hours per week including Sunday’s and evenings to match the youth and young adult programming of the church.

6.    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The following lists the key responsibilities and accountabilities of this position.  

  1. Lead the development of all youth ministry programs for grades 6-12 in the church including:
  2. Large group evening programs,
  3. Small groups for youth,
  4. Sunday morning programming,
  5. Weekday programs to match the programs of the church (Wed. evening for example),
  6. Organize mission outreach opportunities for youth.
    1. Lead the development of young adult ministries at church
    2. Small groups,
    3. Organize social outings,
    4. Coordinate with mission committee opportunities for service.
  7. Attends weekly staff meeting, and other meetings as needed.
  8. Meet bi-monthly with the Youth Leadership team and Youth Council.
  9. Oversee the financial aspects of the youth and young adult ministry to include submitting an annual budget to the Finance Committee and Administrative Council.
  10. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

7.    Skills/Expectations

The following lists the skills/expectations of this position.

  1. Must have a degree in youth ministry, studying to be a pastor or have 5 years of youth ministry experience.
  2. Pass a police background check
  3. Have a desire to work with youth and young adults
  4. Ability to share your faith in Christ
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