Prayer Request Instructions

Submitting a Prayer Request

All fields are required. Use a good title in your subject area  (“Prayer Request” is redundant).

For security reasons, your email address will NOT be displayed on the website.

Once you submit a prayer request, your post will automatically be sent to the Covenant Community Prayer Board Editor. After the editor has reviewed your request, it will be posted to the Covenant Community Prayer Board within 24 hours.

Inappropriate Entries
We take appropriate precautions to avoid misuses of this system. Do not include a solicitation for funds.

This website is available to anyone with internet access. Please protect an individual’s right to privacy and please do not indicate a full name, phone number, address, email address, room number, or other identifying information in the post area. For example say “my father-in-law” not my father-in-law Bill Smith at 303-123-4567. It is not necessary since God knows the details concerning every individual’s life.

Length of Visibility
Requests will appear on this board for approximately 30 days. No long term archive of requests will be kept.

Posting a Praise Report
A follow-up praise report is always appreciated.  Thanking the Lord for His goodness and His answers to prayer is scriptural.

Subscribing to the Covenant Prayer Request Board
If you would like to receive an email notification when new requests are posted to the Prayer Board, click on the subscribe link after you have registered. You will then receive an email with the content of each prayer request posted to the Covenant Community Prayer Request Board. A link will be supplied in the email if you wish to personally respond to the sender of the prayer request.


Inclusion of a prayer request does not imply an endorsement of the theological beliefs or endorsement of the actual request of the writer. A statement of belief is available elsewhere on this website.

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